Banzai Nr. 9


Are We Electric?
Blood On The Saddle - Interview
Cellophane Suckers - Interview
Chili Corner: BANZAI!-Chilikekse
Comic: Psycho-Rooster räumt auf!
Dos Canones - Interview
Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army & The Unseen
Dusty Gray & His Rough Ridin` Ramblers - Interview
Fenton Weills - Interview
Get Drunk With Style
Hank Ray - Interview
Hawaiians - Interview
Jon & The Nightriders - Interview
Knebworth Street Rod Nationals
Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle - Interview
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet
Looney Tunes - Interview
Martin Schmidt
Montesas - Interview
Moorat Fingers - Interview
Os Catalepticos - Interview
Peter G. And His PC
Peter Thomas - Interview
Quakes - Interview
Ripmen - Interview
Rock`n`Roll Weekender Walldorf, Pfingsten 2001
Rosettes - Interview
Shock Therapy - Interview
Speed Chicken - Eine Chronik von Hank Ockmonic
Velvetone - Interview


Agentenmusik - Play Themes From Famous German „Krimi“ Movies
American Heartbreak - Postcards From Hell
Ants In Pants - Same
Bambi Molesters - Sonic Bullets – 13 From The Hip
The Baptist Generals - Dog
Big John BatesS - Flamethrower
Big Ray & The Futuras - Desolation Planet
Miss Ludella Black - She`s Out There
Blood On The Saddle - Flesh and Blood
Boonaraaas - A Tribute To Bananarama
Bo Weavil - Midnight Rumble With Bo Weavil
The Bristols - Tune In With.....
R.L. Burnside- Wish I was in heaven setting down
Camper Van Chadbourne- Psychadelidoowop
Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man
Cellophane Suckers - Too Much Temptation
The Chronics - Soulshaker
Coffin Nails - Out for the Weekend
Columbian Neckties - Abrance!
Crescent City Maulers- Screamin´
Curlee Wurlee! - Same
Dead Brothers - Dead Music for dead People
Dicemen - Johnny Walker
Dixie Gunworks - Rockin´ Tales
The Dirtshakes- The Kicks Are Alright!
The Donnas - Turn 21
The Dunts - A Various 60`s Beat
El Guapo Stuntteam - Year Of The Panther -
Fabulous Plank-Tones - Surfin! At The Sinbad
Fenton Weills - "Fenton Weills"
Flaming Sideburns - Hallelujah Rockn`nrollah
Flatliners - Pandemonium
Frantic Flintstones - Too sweet to die
Gaza Strippers - 1000 Watt Confession
The Gene Drayton Unit - Ordinary Twist
Godless Wicked Creeps - Smile
Go Getters - Welcome To Sun City
The Golden Showers - Same
Gore Gore Gore Girls - Strange Girls
Greyhounds - Nightlife
Green Pajamas - Ghost of Love
Guttermouth - Covered Wiith Ants
Hack Mack Jackson - Coming Home EP
The Headcoats - Elementary Headcoats Thee Singles 1990- 1999
Highschool Rockers - Teentrash
Hollyhood Fats Band - Same
The Hot Pockets - Kiss `N Run
Human Alert - Dirty Dancing
Hyperjax - Generation X-rated
The ( International) Noise Conspiracy - Survival Sickness
Irving Klaws - Pajama Party with.. .
Jack Meatbeat And The Underground Society - Back From World War III
Jacobites - God save us poor sinners
Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts - What´s Up Tonight
John Kay - Heretics & Privateers
King Beans - Same
Crady Chris Kramer & Friends - Vol. 1 Guarantee For The Blues
Kryptonix - Les Comtes de la Krypt
Lars Frederiksen Abd The Bastards - Same
Lemmy, Slim Jim & Dany B. - Same
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartett - Same
Long Tall Texans– Ballroom Blitz
Los Banditos - Beatclub
Los Banditos - Opiumparty
Mad Heads - Naked Flame
Mama Guitar - In Mama Guitar Style
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Space Rave
The Meteors - Psycho Down!
Midget Handjob - Midnight Snack Break At The Poodle Factory
The Montesas - Hipsville Teen Party
The Minimal Squad Of Teenage-Monster Circus – Same
Muck & THE Mires - All Mucked Up
Mystery Gang - Fly to the Moon
Nekromantix - Return of the Loving Dead
The Nuggets - Are The Alchemists Of Music!
Peacocks - Angel
Penetrators - Locked & Loaded
Pep Torres - You And I
Photon Torpedoes - Flesh eating Bacteria
The Pinkos - Same
Pitmen - Welcome to the Show
Pogues - The very Best of...
The Primates- We Are The Primates
Prison 11 - Sidekicks
Prowlers - Hot Sauce
Pyromanix - Getting high
Hank Ray - Countrycide 1990-96
Ratos De Porao - Guerra Civil Canibal
The Raymen - Hollywood Hell
Hank Ray - Mainstream Death Country
Reverend Horton Heat - Lucky 7
Ripmen - Party with the Dead
The Rosettes - Enchantment Under The Sea
Rubens& The Barrichellos - Gran Turismo
Runnin` Wild - Killer Taco Stomp
The Safety Pins - Punk Rock Disaasters
The Scamps - Back From The Swamp
Screaming Lord Sutch - Munster Rock
Brian Setzer - & ´68 Comeback Special Ignition! - Live in Japan
Sharks - Bitch Attack
Shock TherapyY - Tearin´ up the Road
Siberian Mad Dogs - Vodka & Kalashnikov
The Sick Rose - The Sick Rose EP
Silver Tongued Devils - Red Eyed And Tongued – Tied
The Slow Slushy Boys - PARTY! – And Don´t Worry `bout it
Speed Chicken - Drei Mann zum hochbeamen
Spinballs - Hell and high Water
The SpitfiresS - In To Deep Again
The Snake Charmers - Drop Dead Blues
Speed Devils - The Stripper & Other Fun Songs For The Family
Johnny Thunders - Panic on Sunset Strip
Tiger Army - Power Of Moonlite
Trashcan Darlings - Welcome To The World Of Gore Gore Boys And Splatter Pussies
Tremolo Wankers - Terrible, Terrible Wankers EP
Twiggy KillersS - Customise
Uniting The Elements - Illuminate
Up To Vegas - Let It Flash!
US Bombs - Back At The Laundromat
Vampyre State Building / Velvetone - Split-7"
V.A. - A Tribute To Arthur Alexander
V.A. - Hot Rod Girl Garage
V.A. - American Rumble Video
V.A. - Flashbacks USA
V.A. - New Beats From The Delta
V.A. - Overcome Vol.1 and Vol.2
V.A. - Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man! Vol2
V.A. - Return of Rustix
V.A. - Ritual Rockabillies!
V.A. - St. Pauli Affairs
V.A. - Sympathy for the Devil - A Tribute to the Meteors
V.A. - The Cretins Wanna Dance
V.A. - Peter Scores - The Erotic World Of Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
V.A. - TV Sucks – A Punk And Ska Look On Famous TV- Themes
Velvetone - Dark Blossom
Sonny VincentT - Hell`s Kitchen
Violent Femmes - Rock
The Waistcoats - Live @ Kut
The Weird Lovemakers - Live Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake
Zero Boys - Vicious Circle


Hawaiians - Jungle Rock
Peter G. & His PC - Buzz A.
Dos Canones - Hey Canones
Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle - Flummi
Are We Electric? - The Spaceship Blastoff
Cha Cha Guerillas - Trash Dumpin`
Muck & The Mires - A Little Twist
Montesas - C`mon Babe
Primates - I Ain´t Like You
Masons - 50 Bucks
Sin City Suckers - Green Light Red
Rosettes - Devil´s Triangle
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet - Sheila
Jailbirds - One Desire
Surfpatrouille - Planet Of Water
Stingrays - Stormy Weather
Tiki Tiki Bamboooos - Jumpin`Hula Flash
Peace Brothers - Russian Strut
Martin Schmidt - The Haunted Beach
Rockin` Slickers - Bang Boom Boogie
Jailbirds - One After 909
Grahli Morlock - Our Favourite Morlock
Vampires - Vampire´s Heaven (Garage Version)

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