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Surf und Rock`n`Roll, das ist nach wie vor das Fundament von Kamikaze Records. Seit mittlerweile 23 !!! Jahren sind wir nun schon in diesem Bereich aktiv. Und auch in diesem Jahr wird es wieder reichlich heiße Musik auf die Ohren geben. Viel Spass beim Stöbern auf unseren Seiten! Checkt auch mal unseren fetten Kamikaze-Online-Shop. Wir führen eine Menge rarer Scheiben aus aller Welt und sind ständig bemüht, unser Angebot auszubauen.


The Splashdowns - Back To The Moon ...In 2022 (LP)

Vinyl only in a space-killer-cover with four space cards! They are out on a mission, and this is maybe their finest hour yet: “Back To The Moon … in 2022” shows the Hamburg-based guitar combo at their very creative best: twelve guitar-driven, instro garage rock instrumentals that make you want to grab your helmet and head off to Cape Canaveral straight away! Or at least to sit in front of that black and white telly your parents had, experiencing that Apollo-13 drama yet again like it was yesterday. Produced by Mr. Henseler and Mr. Joergensen, their new album refines their instro tunes with atmospheric subtones which add nicely to their more roughed-up live sound, but with scientifically proven Heinz 57 sensibility. Being out on the road to universe for ten years now, the band in their most recent line-up has brought their shit-hot instrumentals to peak efficiency, which “Back To The moon … “ almost scientifically testifies. So get a decent crew cut, polish you winklepickers, bind the narrowest tie you can get your hands on and dig this! The perfect soundtrack to drive a Cadillac who gurgles 20 gallons per mile, to have a nice BBQ in the back yard of your family home in Brevard County or simply to lift off into twangin’ guitar heaven. “Ä%# more

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