Band history takes us back to the mid-90's, when Spain-born Marcel Sala-Kelkel (aka Marcel Bontempi), comic book artist, dj, singer & guitar player came to Kassel, Germany to study art. He spent his days off playing for the CRAZY WORLD OF EVA BRAUN or IRA & THE WHITEHAZEL BOYS, refining his skills in the field of psychedelic, rockabilly, skiffle & country. This doesn't really fulfill him, so he puts together his own trio using members of the garage punk bands DOG FOOD FIVE & THE ECHOLETTES. Named TIJUANA TEX AND THE COWBONES, they mix a cocktail of 50's rock'n roll, 60's beat and Chris Isaak.
The manager of Kassel's most successful bands, THE BATES, hooks up with them and an album is published on Psycho Productions in Göttingen, and Desert Records, discoverers of STEREO TOTAL, puts out a single. Then the drummer leaves the premises, and Bontempi swiftly pockets the talented Terry Inferno, formerly playing with the unlucky THE HIJACKERS. At the same time, the man called Boogaloo Bix enters the stage. Having learned in the Dutch-British ska band BLUE CHATEAU, he moves to Kassel with a giant Hammond up the bed of his pick-up truck.
Quite fascinating, what these guys can cook up now: Bontempi's melting voice and his guitar verging from garage madness to foaming melodies, Terry Inferno's jazzy rock'n roll drums, the lovable souly organ of Boogaloo Bix and the pumping bass by Big Josh Electric fit like a glove, but they changed so much, they had to get a new name.
You close your eyes and feel the aura of Hamburg's 'Star Club' in the 60's - authentic beat, soul, r'n'b and rock'n roll thrived to perfection!
So TIJUANA TEX decided to name him after the motorcycle plant in his hometown, Barcelona, THE MONTESAS. Starting songwriting, they instantly put together a program of English-, German- and Spanish numbers loaded with harmony vocals. The band is touring Europe restlessly since then, they did Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Belgium and were on all the European 60's-festivals. Most wanted on all stages and that's no wonder. The guys deliver a firy live performance, they're running and jumping and bursting with energy while still playing so excellently, that everybody compulsively joins in. And they're always good for an extra up their sleeves, as there are two masked go-go girls, or an infamous support band (THE BLACK KNIGHTS) doing No-Fi-garage-punk, being nothing but THE MONTESAS in disguise themselves. After publishing a single and a split single with THE DUKES OF HAMBURG and THE MERSEY SECT, they managed to complete their debut LP.
THE MONTESAS are on their way. This is proved by first experiences in the movie field. The guys made the flic 'Frau 2 sucht Happy End' (feat. Ben Becker & Sabrina Setlur) worthwhile and are part of its soundtrack(with GLASHAUS, STEREO TOTAL & THE BEN BECKER BAND).
Finally, if the name Marcel Bontempi rings a bell, you should be informed, that this hell of a guy has also published French-sung Lo-Fi soul homerecordings.

Releases on Kamikaze Records:

Midnight Beat
Hipsville Teen Party


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