Beautiful Kantine Band - Rock`n`Roll hat unserem Leben einen neuen Sinn gegeben
Ready for another Schlager Beat Party? Listening to the music that your parents listened to in the 60's? With german lyrics? Well, try these guys from austria! They perform a mix of Schlager, Sixties Beat, spacey surfadelic & even some exotica. No edges, perfect played. But don't ask me why the press info compares em a bit w/THE CRAMPS?? Anyway…if you like austrain 60's Beatschlagers BAMBIS, Drafi Deutscher or THE ASTRONAUTS, buy this.

"This is a fine CD of German pop-rock songs, augmented very well by four fine instrumentals that reference surf in the feeling of the music. There may only be four instros here, but it's well worth seeking out." (**** Phil Dirt, Reverb Central)


wenn ich in deinen armen lieg
astronaut auf kurs
hübsch wie nadja
red river rock
diese tage
von hier nach dort
rosen und narzissen
bleib wie du bist
mein gott
massimba cortez
rock`n`roll star
tote körper tanzen anders


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