Banzai Nr. 13


Deke Dickerson, Tiger Army, Soundflat Mailorder, The Hatepinks, El Ray, The Peacocks, The Kilaueas, The Boonaraaas, The Boss Martinas, The Shoemakers, Friends Of Dean Martinez, White Pussy, The Insect Surfers, The Popzillas, The Travoltas, Cool Jerks, The Punkles, Velvetone, The Tony Montanas, BANZAI! Chili Corner, Live-Berichte, Tons Of Reviews


Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle, Teenage Music International, Smack, Monokini, Church Of Confidence, Velvetone, Holly B., The Growlers, Space Rangers, The Atlantics, 3 Balls Of Fire, Pollo Del Mar, Brain On Furs, White Pussy, Bitchboys, Estrume`n`tal, The Glads, Storage, Sockdolager, The Baywatchers, The Insect Surfers, Garantias Suspendias, Pirates Of Venus, Los Jets, The Supertones,

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