OK Kings
This is the sound of cold surf – a frigid flavour of cool Scandinavian melancholy that never sounded more suitable for the surfrighteous segment than just now. This comes across the instance you smack the laser to the plastic and let it all out. On “It’s OK” there are fifteen moving melodies of frozen ferociousness, solemn serenity, and sheer cold instrumentality.

The Danish Rock Encyclopedia on OK KINGS:
”The first actual instrumental surf group i Denmark. The quintet is true to the untamed and raw American sound from the early 60’s – but with some strong visual strokes from the universe of 50’s and 60’s western and b-movie.”

Established in 1988 in Copenhagen. Playing odd venues for a helluvalot of years, first release wasn’t until 1995 with “Prayjob”, a 7” 5-track EP containing a soundtrack from the movie of that name. The tune “Don’t Touch My Surf Board!” had a little airplay by John Peel. The year after saw “Our Kingdom for a wave”, a 10” 10-track album. Same year OK KINGS won the rather un-prestigious Copenhagen Prize for Best Upcomming Act. Nevertheless they chose to say “hasta luego, dudes and dudettes” on the 9th of September 1996 from the legendary “Plænen” at Tivoli Gardens. Apart from sharing the bill with Dick Dale and Jon & The Nightriders around 2000 OK KINGS have kept a very low profile for 13 years. The cd you’re holding should compensate for this lack of action, so give it a spin!

Veröffentlichungen auf Kamikaze Records:

It's OK


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