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The Minnesota Voodoo Men - Shake Your Mind LP
 The Minnesota Voodoo Men

 Shake Your Mind

 Soundflat Records

Artikel-Nr.: SFR-044

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 Informationen zum Artikel:
A brand-new album by the amazing and crazy Japanese Garage-Merseybeatles THE MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN has once again enriched our 60's Rock'n'Roll-world: SHAKE YOUR MIND!, a well-chosen title for a musical firework that won't allow you to stop dancing. You can expect some wild 60's Beat paired up with Garage and Surf; besides fantastic and catchy original compositions it also contains two brilliant cover-songs. 'Break it all', originally by the Uruguayan Beatles-equivalent LOS SHAKERS, as well as 'Everything's alright', a cover of THE MOJOS' original which they translated into Japanese language, are both mindblowing coverversions by these energetic Asian madmen, which fit in perfectly among their versatile collection of Garage-/Merseybeat-hits with a powerful Japanese attitude. While they appear very stylish in their smart suits and chelsea boots, they deliver outstanding guitarsolos, (legendarily playing during their wild liveshows while hanging upside down from a ceiling) and their sound has a rough wildness to it that one simply has to love.
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