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Demented Scumcats - Splatter Baby CD
 Demented Scumcats

 Splatter Baby

 Crazy Love Records

Artikel-Nr.: 64172

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 Informationen zum Artikel:
Yeah it´s released. The long awaited Full Length Release "Splatter Baby" of the D.A.G. Sideproject DEMENTED SCUMCATS. 13 new fantastic Tracks for your demented pleasure.It has been worth to wait for this new fantastic Release. This Longplayer got so much power that it will fascinate every demented fan. Sparky, Stan and Johnny Gizmo were surrounded by many guest musicians, like Doyley, Strangy, Lex, Emily, Johnny Loveless, Rachel, Georgia and Tracey Stallion. TRACKLIST:1 BLUE VIPER/WHITE STOCKING TOPS (REMIX)/PLATTER BABY/SNAILTRAIN (REMIX)/PITCHFORK BLUES (FARMYARD MIX)/MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW/HOLOCAUST ISLAND/HILLS ON FIRE/I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR/HILLSIDE STRANGLER/I DON'T WANT YOU (REMIX)/WHERE'S JOHNNY GIZMO?/PITCHFORK BLUES
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