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Richie Hunter - Gun Gone Baby CD
 Richie Hunter

 Gun Gone Baby

 Kamikaze Records

Artikel-Nr.: KK-CD-041

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 Informationen zum Artikel:
“Rock’n’roll is good for you!” That’s why five guys from Ibbenbüren put this outstanding record out, that even makes your dog tap his feet. This debut album offers a varied collection of mid-tempo songs and faster ass-kick tunes. The sound reminds my baby of what comes out of the car radio when I hit the gas and shake my head to its beat. The absolute trademarks of the band are their sunglasses and the strong voice of singer Richie that fits together with the rough guitars. Classic rock’n’roll and early 70’s rock influence their arrangements as well as a meaning dose of punkrock. The gimmik of this CD is an additional video track to the song “Girl with a gun”.
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